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Mubarakpur Handicraft

Preserving the Legacy of Indian Artistry with Our Handicrafts.

At Mau Handicraft, we are dedicated to showcasing the beauty and diversity of Indian handicrafts. We help small artisans by carefully curating a collection of unique and high-quality handmade products and selling them to customers across India. From hand-painted ceramics to intricate wood carvings, we offer a range of items to suit every taste and budget. We are passionate about preserving the heritage and traditions of Indian artistry and are proud to offer our customers a glimpse into the rich culture of India through our products.


Our mission is to bring the richness and beauty of Indian handicrafts to people around the India by providing a platform to connect artisans and customers. We strive to preserve and promote traditional art forms while providing a convenient and accessible shopping experience for our customers.



Our vision is to be the leading destination for high-quality, authentic Indian handicrafts, where customers can find unique and stunning pieces to decorate their homes and lives. We aim to create a community that values and supports the creativity and skills of Indian artisans and help to keep their traditions alive for generations to come.

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Mau Handicrafts ensures to satiate your appetite with the most exclusive handicraft collection. The widest assortment of products brings to you plethora of online options that’ll save you from toils of labour while you scout through the market.

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